Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Factors that influence webstie performance.

 Some Factors that influence website performance.
These are some factors that have to be taken into consideration when wanting to improve/create a connection or site. 
Clients side (your machine) - 

Bandwidth/quality of connection - the connection speed you have to the internet is going to be a huge factor in the time it takes to load webpages.
distance from the exchange - the further the distance the lower the connection quality as the request has to travel further.
Browser - some browsers are much faster than others (some are built for speed and some are built for utility)
Cache - some browser's caches are better than others (cache remembers graphics/text on a website so it doesnt have to be downloaded again)
PC performance - RAM, processor power etc. The better hardware you have the faster the requests can be sent to the webserver and the faster they can be recieved.
Anti virus software can slow down if the site has to be scanned before hand.
network interface card - the better (bigger bandwidth it can hold) N.I.C is the faster the connection will be.
Wireless - is there any interferance from anyother wireless devices and how far away from the router is the computer.
Wired cables - is there any interferance to the cabling (ethernet, UTP)

Server side - 

Number of clients accessing that site at any given time - The more people you have trying to access your website the more slower the site will become (this factor depends on how much bandwidth/traffic your shared/dedicated web host has to use.
DOS attacks - denial of service attacks are where someone requests a lot of information from the web server that the website cant handle so it goes down and noone else can use it 
Amount of content/media and the size e.g. a page with hundreds of images on it will load slower than one with just text.
Quality of the code (HTML, CSS) - The speed can be increased if the code is well written.
Qualtiy of server software - The server software could slow down the site.
If the web server is shared or dedicated. If the server is shared then you are sharing web space with other websites so your bandwidth will be limited whereas if your site is being hosted on a dedicated server then it has as much bandwith as that server can provide.
Web server hardware - the speed of the server RAM, processor is like the computer. The faster they are, the faster the clients webpage requests will be answered.

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