Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Hardware (Easy)


The Back of a PC

 The photo above is a picture of the back of my old dusty PC. You will find these basic/common ports on most computers.
Look at the numbers in the picture to find out what ports they are.

1. These are PS2 ports. The purple colored port is for keyboards and the green is for mice. You wont find these ports on the latest computers as the keyboard and mouse connect via USB.
2. This port is called a VGA port for VGA cables. VGA cables are what hook up to your monitor and allow you to see an image on your screen. Depending on your computer, your VGA port will be located on your graphics card along with DVI and HDMI unless it is integrated onto the motherboard (most laptops will be integrated)
3. These are USB ports to allow other connections to be made to the computer such as external hard drives, flash drives, cameras etc.
4. This is a RJ45 port or a Ethernet port for an Ethernet cable. Ethernet cables allow connections to other network devices such as a router or another PC.
5. These are the audio ports. You have the mic port and the headphone/stereo

This is the motherboard of my old PC.

1. PCI Slots
2. South Bridge
3. PCI Express Slots
4. North Bridge
5. CPU Fan (on top of the CPU or Processor)
6. RAM Slots (Memory)
7. Back Ports

This is my current PC.

1. Power supply
2. PCI Slots with a network interface card
3. PCI Express card - USB Controller
4. Graphics Card
5. Hard Disk Drive
6. RAM Slots

The top half of my PC.

1. CPU Heat Sink on top of CPU
2. DVD Drive
3. RAM Slots
4. Fans that are part of the case. (total of 4 fans)
5. Back Ports
6. North Bridge.

In my next hardware post, I will explain what the purpose of these components are.
This post should give you some information on the basic structure of a mother board and name some of the major components. There are many different types of components e.g. motherboards, graphic cards, processors etc. if your computer looks nothing like mine then this is why.


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