Monday, 2 January 2012

Characteristics of good information

Good information


Information has to be accurate in order for it to be valid.
The information wouldn’t be any good to anybody if it wasn’t.
You wouldn’t be able to make decisions based on that information. More
Accurate information means more accurate decisions made.

 The information has to be relevant. If you want to find out information on a    business’s work force and you are told about their suppliers it won’t be helpful. This issue
 Of your researchers knowing what information to collect so communication is also vital.

Up to date
Information isn’t any good if it isn’t up to date. This is very important so businesses can keep on top of information so they can make decisions and plan their business.

 Information is a waste if you get the information a week after you wanted it so you                          
can’t do anything with the information. If you need information by 5:00 and you get it at 9:00 the information is useless and you can’t use it. Information has to be accurate and quick in order to be useful.

Cost efficient
If the research to get the information costs more than you will save with the information then it isn’t worth it. It isn’t a good business plan if you do this.

Information has to come from a source that can be trusted or if not then should be cross checked to see if information is true. If the information is not reliable then using it to decide business decisions is a very bad idea.

Information has to be accessible. The information is no good to you if you can’t see it. You can’t make decisions based on information that you can’t read. If a report you need is in another country it will not be any good to you to make any decisions.


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